Trade alerts

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How our trade alerts work

Bitcoins like other commodities are now available for trading worldwide. You can trade Bitcoin, Gold, Silver and Oil almost all day and make the profit from it. No matter are you an advanced trader or a beginner we understand that you require a different opinion from professional are trading for years.  Let us do all the technical and fundamental analysis for you and make the trades. You can take every signal or you can choose from the ones you think are suitable for you.

We are a team of professional that combine technical and fundamental analysis for taking short and medium term trades across all assets available for trading in financial markets. Please see our performance in 2016 here.

This service is only for Bitcoin and commodities trade alerts.

How does our service work?

After subscribing you will gain access to the Trade alerts stream area where real-time trade alerts streaming is. Or you can just follow our Private twitter feed where trade alerts are streamed and set up SMS notifications when there is a new tweet with trade alert.


Tek your trial and after that, you are just one step to trading.

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